As the months pass by

It’s been a long time since I sat down to write on this page. Probably because I was scared of someone I know actually finding it but does that really matter? I originally made this page to get some things off my chest and it actually works a little. I’m usually stressed or really busy so I don’t always have time to therapeutically relax. Most of the time I just mess around on the internet to calm down.  Although I am in high-school and “real life” problems haven’t come my way there is a ton of unnecessary stress, drama and work that just gets to you sometimes. Personally I do too much and I know that but the pressure of getting my college resume up keeps me going. School work I can handle because it’s what the next generation has been trained from birth to do, but all the drama is stupid.

Currently I am a sophomore ya I’m not a dopey freshmen anymore now I’m a dopey sophomore! Sophomore year looks amazing; you’re not a new scared freshmen, a college absorbed junior, or a slacking off senior. You’re are just rolling along through high-school smoothly…WRONG! As if life would give you a break from the crazy roller coaster it has built.

First you have to deal with new freshmen because “you are their upperclassmen and have to show them the ropes.” Believe me I have a lot of freshmen friends and they are fun and cool but on the mother of cheese-fries they are annoying, dramatic, and immature! Yes you read mother of cheese-fries lump it. Like seriously was I that annoying? Probably but was I that dramatic? Well I still am…however I wouldn’t call myself immature at least in the certain category that the freshmen lack. They are more naive actually than immature. The girls and boys breath out sex hormones. All they talk about is the opposite sex there aren’t many gay people at my school. “I’m gonna get with that girl. So what she has a boyfriend,” “oh I love him. Yeah we’ve been dating for two weeks but we are serious.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? I know when I like someone I think about them a lot and talk about them with my friends sometimes but I would never say I romantically love someone or try and get with someone else’s man. The rumors are crazy, the relationships are childish and I’m over it. Maybe it’s them or maybe it’s just high-school I honestly don’t know.

Second thing that makes sophomore year a pain is the socializing. SHOCKER! I think socializing is hard, but let me explain. Not everyone is friends with everyone and the social clicks have been formed. But now that we are 15-16, we have to deal with sweet sixteens. Are you going to have one? Will you invite the whole grade to not leave people out? Where are you going to have one? What are you going to wear? Can you afford one? The list goes on and on. The worse thing is when you know that someone is having a sweet sixteen but you weren’t invited. Honestly I don’t really care too much for parties it just puts me in more uncomfortable situations but some people take offense to not being invited. “We have math together why wouldn’t she invite me?” “But you don’t talk to her…” “I mean I guess…” When you do get invited it feels great but there still is stress about the attire and presents…or the fatal information you might accidentally tell your friend. “I went shopping for a dress this weekend and saw some kid from middle school. He glew up!” “Wait why were you buying a dress?” “For the sweet sixteen next week?” SURPRISE ATTACK! “I didn’t know there was a party…I guess I wasn’t invited.” That feeling right there sucks for both parties.

Thirdly you are stuck in social status creating situations that will define your reputation for the rest of your school experience. Let me elaborate. Since you aren’t a freshmen anymore there is a chance that you will get close to some seniors or juniors. Those people might even invite you to social events but that’s where the problem starts. Imagine you are at a seniors house party right. And there is alcohol…you can see where this is going. A drunk senior asks you to have a drink, get loose. If you say yes you might make a fool out of yourself for not being able to hold your liquor or get drunk and do something stupid. If you say no you seem like a loser. That’s probably the biggest cliche ever but it’s kinda true. If you’re labeled as a goody-two-shoes then say good bye to popularity really. Of course there are excepts but from what I have seen this is what it’s like. I can’t say I can speak for every high-school ever.

Being a sophomore isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but its not all that bad either. It has it’s pluses just like everything else does. But as time goes on, sophomore year keeps taking one wrong turn after another…


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