A small piece of my mind

I don’t really write too much about my female friends but that’s because we usually get along enough for there to be nothing too dramatic or intriguing. I mean of course we have our drama but it’s usual over dumb stuff that we get over in a day or two at most. But there are things that have to be said about some of the most remarkable people in my life. They influence me in the smallest and biggest ways and continuously make me happy…but not every story is happy. I mean it’s me. If it’s not obvious my life is stupidly awkward and embarrassing but it’s one I don’t mind living.

Personally, I attract mainly “damaged” goods. Most, if not all of my friends have some sort of history with depression or other serious topics that high-schools don’t really give enough attention to. Many of my friends go through things I just can’t relate to and it’s the worst feeling when you see someone you love unhappy. However, most of the time all their sadness is self brought from stress and high expectations. Whenever something challenging comes their way I can see them already stepping away and looking for another way out of the challenge. I really do feel that if they just mustered up enough positivity into their minds they would be so much more happier.

This is something that many people have to deal with. I know that I am in no place to give advice since I don’t have a degree in this kind of thing and I can’t say I felt what they or you felt because everyone experiences things differently but I know that it isn’t good for you to constantly doubt yourself or lose your purpose to do and to be.

Don’t get me wrong I love my friends immensely that’s a given and they aren’t always so sad. We laugh a lot together and make the most wonderful memories…But if you kept seeing those glimmers of light fall out of your friend eyes wouldn’t you be worried?

This subject might be too serious for what I usually post but this is something serious and real in my life that just seemed to come out unconsciously. I can’t control my friends minds or actions but I can always make an effort to lead them into happiness.


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