Surrounded my the stench of immaturity

Why? I really don’t understand. How can we all be adolescents with the same or similar problems and still take pleasure in others embarrassment? I  D O NOT  G E T  I T! I would hate to point fingers but…the kids at my school are hella PETTY about things. You would think that after 15 years of life we would develop some level of maturity right? WRONG! Maybe people hold on to their childish side because they aren’t ready to get serious. Maybe it’s their way of slowing down the process of growing up and entering the “real world”. Either way, every where I turn I can smell the residue of immaturity in air and my nose is starting burn.

Long story short, honestly can I ever make a story short?  I am in the musical at school, “Anything Goes” to be exact. In the musical there are A LOT of dance numbers like hardcore tap dances and I’m in a decent amount of them maybe I’ll get a lead one year but let’s not jinx it. It’s a really happy musical placed on a boat but there is an underlining theme of sex. Sex in a high-school play that’s a great idea! In one of my numbers I am supposed to be the “girlfriend” of the sailors, really just ONE of his hoes. My partner/ friend wasn’t at rehearsal because he had basketball practice jocks…, so he wasn’t there when the choreographer said that I had to kiss him on the cheek.

It seems so innocent so I was ok with it but a little nervous of course since I have never kissed anyone before…yeah that might be a little sad but welp! Then I told one of my dear friends what I had to do because it was shocking for me, the biggest virgin in the school to have physical contact with a male…she laughed…hysterically…she turned red…almost fell out of her chair too. Maybe it was funny to her because she’s really close with the kid but it just made me even more embarrassed.

The really funny thing about the situation was that I had to tell the kid myself because it would be weird if I just kissed him during rehearsal he might think I have…f-f-feelings for him. Been there done that! Eventually I told him and he was really cool about it and just said “well its just for the show so.” That gave me reassurance since he didn’t think it was a big deal so I shouldn’t, right? Little did I know he told his friends…particularly the immature ones.

At the end of the school day I was talking to this kid’s brother since he was looking for him and I had just pasted him, but his friends were there listening. Not in a creepy way they were just in the area. As I started to walk up the stairs one of them called out my name and raised his eyebrows twice with a guilty smirk. At first I was confused but then I got it. He knows I have to kiss this kid and he’s hinting about it. I wanted to run down the stairs and yell “IT IS JUST ON THE CHEEK!” But by the time I understood what was going on he had already trotted off.

This doesn’t seem like much but I can sense the jokes, the childish songs, the ship names. The immaturity is coming the immaturity is coming! And when the show is performed it will be all over the internet. The worse part about it all is that I am just as guilty as everyone else. I can’t hold back my Cheshire cat smile when people mention stuff like this. I am so conflicted. I know when I do kiss him there will be many “awws” and “goals” and that’s going to make me laugh but he might think I’m laughing in a flirty “I finally got to kiss you way.” OR WORSE…I COULD THINK SOMETHING SIMILAR AND DEVELOP F-F-FEEELINGS! Oh my…wish me luck


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