Movement with such grace,
Swift and collective,
Gentle and warm.
As if blessing my lips with passion.
Who knew an innocent kiss could be so endowing?
The air whistled in celebration.
Nature watched while time was still.
Dangerous it was to kiss without encouragement
But there was no fear of my reaction.

A painting of expression in a gesture
Full of pastel colors with vibrant hues.
These moments of such desire are rare and fleeting.
My thoughts raced, my eyes opened eying the witnesses.
She stood on her astonishment
Seeing her favorite two so close was sharper than a dagger
The dam around our eyes broke flooding both our cheeks.
Ironic, feelings started our bond; his and I
Yet deeper emotions burned that bridged after construction.

The words were lost to us both.
He wore a mask of confusion with scars of shock;
Haggard from unrequited love.
Only the shadow of him remained.
Idiotically absorbed by rejection
The boy was oblivious to the truth.
For what haunted me was not his gesture
But the thought that I was not the girl that wanted it.
She who watched us was

Beautifully grotesque, his action tainted me
Like a thorn from a rose bush.
Echoing behind him was the physical clawing of her heart.
Her tears had more meaning than mine, she had a right to break.
For he had just killed her dream, smitten all her hopes.
I was only the instrument he unintendedly wielded to do so
My eyes fogged with shame
Regret and self-hate
Pity and loss.

Waves of anger crashed; I was scammed
Treasured friendship all for one display of love
Nature’s attempt to balance the scale.
Contemptible, for the trial would fail.
A sparkling diamond for a brick of graphite
Would never suffice but it was ridiculously clever.
I had lost to the foresight of nature
It was all a flower display admired for its allurement
But still dying from its roots detachment.

I can never face her again
I have struck her too deeply
I can never walk near him
I will only remember my lost and taunt him
I might never be trusted by any friend
I have been lowered to a deviant
We can never live the same together
We have all lost to the hands of fate
And we must live with the repercussions of love and friendship


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